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Local products have their own values in life. Vegetable grown by you or local farmers ensures quality devoid of harmful chemicals and other  toxins used to prevent pest or to prolong shelf life.

Similarly, Animal products that are locally produced such as dairy products, meat and eggs also have equal contribution in our society. 

This issue will cover all such articles and authors.  


S. Manivannan, V. Kasthuri Thilagam
Stone Bunds For Soil and Water Conservation


Dr. Suchita Kumari and Dr. Anuruddha Singh Niranjan
Predisposing factors influencing Myiasis: their treatment and control


Dr. Mandakranta Bhuyan  , Dr. S.D. Ingole  , Dr. S.V. Bharucha et al  
Biotechnology for Animal Ecology


Dr. G. Ganesh*, Dr. Bhanu Prakash.CH, M. Anusha, Dr. Rathlavath Srinu 
Malothu Mohan and Dr. D. Nagalakshmi 
Culture Fresh Water and Marine Water Rotifer for Ornamental Fishes


N. Devadevi*, V. Manimaran, P. Vijayalakshmi, A. Abiramy alias Prabavathy and 
D. Himaja Satya Sai Ratnam
Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency in Dogs and Cats


S. Sahu, K. Sethy*, S. Pattanaik, S. Sahoo, P. Nayak
Functional Chicken Meat


Soham Bachaspati, Goutam Bachaspati
Evaluation of Bt Cotton Scenario in India


R. Srinivasan, N. Maddileti, S.P. Maske and V. Kasthuri Thilagam
Application of Tank Silt for Improving Arecanut Productivity in Karnataka


Maloth Mohan, Rathlavath Srinu, Mavurapu Anusha et al
Applications Of Global Positioning System in Fisheries


Tejashvini, A., Prabhavathi, N. and Ramamurthy, V.
Soil resilience; Managing soil quality challenges in modern agriculture


Rohit Kumar, Shweta, Vinod Kumar and SS Mann
Soil Solarization: As an effective method for nematode management
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