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Animal husbandry plays a pivotal role in India's agricultural landscape, contributing significantly to the nation's economy and rural livelihoods. With a rich history of livestock rearing and a diverse range of animal species, the status of animal husbandry in India is promising. The sector offers income opportunities to millions of farmers and serves as a source of dairy and meat products for a vast population. As India experiences a growing demand for protein-rich foods and an increasing awareness of animal health and welfare, the scope for animal husbandry is expanding. Innovative practices, improved genetics, and sustainable farming methods are being embraced to enhance productivity and ensure the sector's long-term viability. Animal husbandry in India not only contributes to food security but also promotes rural employment, making it a critical component of the nation's agricultural and economic development.

ISSN: 2583-7850

VOl.2 Issue 10, October, 2023

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