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India is an influential agricultural powerhouse worldwide, having farmers and all related workers as its backbone. Like many other sectors, the agricultural landscape also faces decades-long problems and unexpected challenges that are crucial to rectify. Let’s discuss some of the main issues farmers face in India and the best possible solutions.

VOl.1 Issue 9, December, 2022



Reddy et al 
Intercropping – An effective tool to combat pests and pathogens in cotton


Meena et al 
Ectoparasiticides (Insecticides/Acaricides) in cotton


Nayak et al 
Small Ruminant Marketing in India


Ganeshet al 
Backyard Recirculation Aquaculture System


Madhavi et al
Lumpy skin disease and its emergence in India


Myiasis and its management
Bora  et al


Sex-Sorting of Bovine Spermatozoa – Concepts and Methods
R Selvam


Farmers’ Suicides in India – Challenges & Solutions
Dasgupta and Bachaspati


Biofortification- Leading Edge Technology for Enhanced Micronutrient Accumulation in Field Crops towards Food Security
Banka Kanda Kishore Reddy, G. Sashikala and SN Malleswari Sadhineni


Intercropping In Mulberry Garden
D.Elumalai *


Establishment and Maintenance of chawki (Young age silkworm) garden
D.Elumalai *

Various factors that influence to successful of young age silkworm rearing and supply of suitable nutritious mulberry leaves as feed is important. The larval duration and larva health are most vital for the success fully of cocoon production for every rearing or crop. The qualitative and quantitative are requirements of the feed for silkworm various at different stages of larval period. In generally young age silkworm’s larva is required of rich nutritious leaf such as higher succulency, moisture and nutrient contents and others to compare on late age silkworm rearing. The good nutritional requirements silkworm larva directly obtained only from mulberry leaves. Other vital factors determining the success of cocoon crop are the health care and hygiene during the chawki rearing. Successfully of chawki rearing to require on separate chawki garden can be established by chawki farmers.

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